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Metamorphosis Performance at The Linbury

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

20th September.

Arthur Pita‘s extraordinary, beautiful and very moving dance based on Kafka’s Metamorphosis is performed at The Linbury this week, ends Saturday

Metamorphosis 11 

Ed Watson dances the insect in Arthur Pita’s Metamorphosis 

Metamorphosis 10 Metamorphosis 9

Laura Day, Nina Goldman, Anton Skrzypiciel, Bettina Carpi, Joe Walkling, Greig Cooke  

Metamorphosis 8

All drawn during the performance in the dark, to see rehearsal drawings drawn in day light, scroll down to 7th and 9th September.

All my work is for sale, if you would like to view these and much more, including paintings, etchings and life-size wire sculpture, all related to dance come to my Open Studio exhibition on November 17th 5.00-9.00 pm, 19th and 20th 11.00-6.00 pm. Or please leave a comment below and I will contact you.


The Featherstonehaughs Farewell Tour

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

13th September. I am with The FeatherstonehaughsLea Anderson‘s all male contemporary dance company, drawing during rehearsals leading up to their farewell tour. They are reworking the 1998 company classic The Featherstonehaughs Draw on the Sketch Books of Egon Schiele.

The day begins with Release class led by Chisato Ohno.

Featherstonehaughs  Featherstonehaughs

Release class led by Chisato Ohno

rehearseRehearsal of The Featherstonehaughs Draw on the Sketch Books of Egon Schiele

It was 10 years ago when Lea Anderson invited me to draw The Featherstonehaughs and her all female company The Cholmondeleys during the rehearsal process of ‘3‘. Since then I have drawn The Featherstonehaughs and The Cholmondeleys many times, but this will be the last time, they are to disband following 100% funding cut from the the Arts Council.

Richard Alston @ the Saatchi Gallery

Monday, September 12th, 2011

On September 7th at the Saatchi Gallery, the Richard Alston Dance Company performed in a response to the work in the current exhibition The Shape of Things to come: New Sculpture. I was there with my sketch book to draw.

Talented dancer James Pett, who modeled for the last life size wire sculpture I made, was dancing, which was an unexpected treat.

Richard Alston Co. DoubleworkDoublework, Gallery 10

Artist Sterling Ruby. Monument Stalagmite/Headbanger. 2008

Hard of Hearing

Hard of Hearing, Gallery 5

Artist John Baldessari.Beethoven’s Trumpet (with Ear) Opus 133. 2007

Light Flooding

Light Flooding, Gallery 12

Artist Anselm Reyle. Untitled. 2006

Isle of Joy

Isle of Joy, Gallery 7

Artist Folkert de Jong. Shooting Lesson. 2007


Roughcut    Roughcut, Gallery 3

 Artist Dirk Skreber. Untitled (Crash 1), Untitled (Crash 2). 2009


The Metamorphosis, rehearsal

Friday, September 9th, 2011

MetamorphosisGregor (Edward Watson) 

Metamorphosis 13Betinna Carpi rehearses with Edward Watson 

Greta   Grete (Laura Day)


Arthur Pita at The Linbury. The Metamorphosis

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

I am drawing during the rehearsals of Arthur Pita‘s exquisite new dance work commissioned by ROH2. The dance is based on Franz Kafka’s novella The Metamorphosis. Travelling salesman, Gregor Samsa, wakes one morning in his parents’ house to discover he has been transformed into a giant insect.

A few early drawings…

Metamorphosis 14

Metamorphosis, Edward Watson Metamorphosis 15Royal Ballet Principal Dancer, Edward Watson as Gregor

Metamorphosis, Anton Skrzypicie Gregor’s Father, Anton Skrzypiciel 

Metamorphosis, Laura Day Metamorphosis

his sister Grete, Laura Day  and Mother, Nina Goldman

Metamorphosis 16

Joe WalklingBettina Carpi and Greig Cooke complete the strong cast of dancers. Innovative music by Frank Moon.

I have previously drawn Bettina Carpi, when she danced with Candoco (see the life size wire sculpture of Bettina: Amazing You) and Greig Cooke in The Featherstonehaughs, Charles Linehan Company and Yorke Dance Project, wonderful to work with them again.

Performances 19 Sept – 24 Sept, at Linbury Theatre in the Royal Opera House.

Liberty Festival

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

This Saturday, September 3rd on The Southbank 1.00 – 5.00 see Liberty Festival, London’s annual disability art’s festival. See Deaf Men Dancing with my friend, artist Rachel Gadsden perform ‘Alive’, StopGAP dance company present new work and power wheel chair dance troupe Graeae’s Rhinestone Rollers reinterpret classical dance.

See drawings of StopGAP I made last year at rehearsals, also Deaf Men Dancing perform in Canary Wharf at Greenwich and Docklands Festival and at Greenwich Dance Cabaret at Candoco’s Birthday Party.