Richard Alston @ the Saatchi Gallery

On September 7th at the Saatchi Gallery, the Richard Alston Dance Company performed in a response to the work in the current exhibition The Shape of Things to come: New Sculpture. I was there with my sketch book to draw.

Talented dancer James Pett, who modeled for the last life size wire sculpture I made, was dancing, which was an unexpected treat.

Richard Alston Co. DoubleworkDoublework, Gallery 10

Artist Sterling Ruby. Monument Stalagmite/Headbanger. 2008

Hard of Hearing

Hard of Hearing, Gallery 5

Artist John Baldessari.Beethoven’s Trumpet (with Ear) Opus 133. 2007

Light Flooding

Light Flooding, Gallery 12

Artist Anselm Reyle. Untitled. 2006

Isle of Joy

Isle of Joy, Gallery 7

Artist Folkert de Jong. Shooting Lesson. 2007


Roughcut    Roughcut, Gallery 3

 Artist Dirk Skreber. Untitled (Crash 1), Untitled (Crash 2). 2009


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