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Thomas Tallis Art and Dance Project. Week 5

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Last art lesson to work on the sculptures.

Thomas Tallis School Art and Dance Workshops. Week 5

Thomas Tallis Art and Dance project. Week 5

Referring to their drawings and their body memory of the movement, the year 7 class (age 11/ 12) worked the wire to convey the essence of the movement in the dance they had created with dancer Joe Walkling and are continuing to develop in their weekly dance class.

Thomas Tallis School Art and Dance Workshops. Week 4

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

1st December and 2nd December

Week 4 with Thomas Tallis class 7DS.

Thomas Tallis art/dance project wk 4 In the 1 hour dance class the students work in small groups and start to build on the taught dance, adding their own movements.

Thomas Tallis art/dance project wk 4  Thomas Tallis art/dance project wk 4

Thomas Tallis art/dance project wk 4


Thomas Tallis art/dance project wk 4 The next day in the art class they continue to build up the sculptures with wire.


Thomas Tallis School Art and Dance Workshops. Week 3

Friday, November 25th, 2011

21st November and 24th November 2011

Week 3 with Thomas Tallis class 7DS. Their time with dancer Joe Walkling has come to an end and the children will continue developing their dance with their dance teacher. After running through the dance they made sketch books and drew each other, the drawings are their reference for the sculpture.

drawing each other dancing

Students drawing each other 

In the art room they began to work on their wire sculptures referring to their sketch books.

students sketch book

Sketch books as reference

1 2


Class 7DS begin work on the wire sculptures

I am impressed with the class, they are focussed on the work and considerate to each other.


Thomas Tallis School Art and Dance Workshops. Week 2

Friday, November 18th, 2011

18 November 2011

Dancer Joe Walkling played a dance game with the students, went through the dance with them and they had a go at drawing him while he danced, using charcoal on large sheets of paper.

dance game

Class began with a dance game 

drawings of Thomas Tallis students week 2

Joe running through the dance with the students 

students drawing Joe

Drawing Joe dancing 

students’ drawings students’ drawings 

Next week they will draw each other dancing in preparation for the sculptures they will make.

Thomas Tallis Art and Dance workshops

Friday, November 11th, 2011

First class at Thomas Tallis School with a class of year 7’s in the fabulous new studio in the new school. Dancer Joe Walkling taught a dance phrase to the young students, they worked hard and learnt the dance in the 1 hour lesson. Previously I worked with Joe at The Linbury, Covent Garden, drawing him during rehearsals for Metamorphosis


Thomas Tallis art/dance workshop

Joe Walkling teaching the dance


Thomas Tallis art/dance workshop


Thomas Tallis art/dance workshop

some of my drawings of the students learning the dance


Workshop at Halstow School, Art Week

Friday, August 20th, 2010

The Art Week at Halstow Primary School, Greenwich was way back in June, so these pictures are a little late! The theme was the Elements, I selected Water and worked with about thirty year 5 and year 6’s (10 and 11 year olds) over two days to make four life size swimmers using chicken wire,

halstow School Art Week

Halstow 2

and tissue paper

Gaby and Mo


halstow 6

 which were suspended from the ceiling.

halstow 7

See my wire sculpture on

Workshop in Danes Hill School, Hampshire

Friday, June 18th, 2010

During the Danes Hill School Arts Week, I joined year 6 to lead a 3D workshop. The theme, suggested in advance by art teacher Louise Hight was “Carnival”. We had discussed the idea of Chinese style “Dragons” that could be made and used by the class in a dance to be performed.  I discussed the timing with the group – we had to complete them within the school day. I explained that they would have to work fast and be very focussed to achieve this.

 Design for dragons

Drawings 2

After initial discussion the children split into 4 groups in the art room and designed their Dragons using oil pastels on large sheets of paper.

 2 construction

1 construction

We moved outside and impressively following their designs the year 6’s used withies to construct the ‘skeleton’ of the dragon. (Withies are long flexible willow twigs, for example see Willow Man by Serena de la Hey, in Somerset.)


The structure was then covered with white tissue and PVA glue.

coloured tissue

The coloured tissue was the last addition, still following the initial drawings.

finished dragon 1

finished dragon 3

We were running out of time but the year 6’s kept focussed and worked very hard completing the dragons by the end of the day with enough time and energy to try them out.