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Resident Artist at Greenwich Dance

Friday, May 25th, 2012

May 22nd, 2012

I am very excited and pleased to have been asked to work as Resident Artist at Greenwich Dance.

The first event I was asked to facilitate for was at the The Big Family Cabaret which worryingly coincided with the Open Studios weekend at our studios at Second Floor Studios Woolwich. My 15 year old son came to my rescue and sat in my studio so it could remain open for the afternoon and my 12 year old daughter accompanied me to Greenwich Dance to help me encourage the youngsters to join us on the floor to draw. In fact there was a huge amount of enthusiasm for the activity and no encouragement needed to participate, so happily she was able to sit and draw too.

A summer of exciting projects with Greenwich Dance lies ahead. Why not join us at Greenwich World Cultural Festival in the grounds of Eltham Palace 1st July 12.30-4.30; see Protein Dance perform The Picnic choreographed by Luca Silvestrini and create in clay with me, inspired by the dancers.

Or maybe you could arrive by water to The Big Dance Big Top Tent in the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 5th July – 9th July, workshops for professional dancers, children and adults and on the last day a Family Cabaret at 4.00pm followed by Cabaret 2 (14+) at 7.30pm.

I will try to capture the spirit of each event and post images here.

Square Dances. The Performance

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

9th October

Square Dances: 4 London Squares, over 200 dancers, bells, and a mobile audience.

Square Dances. Performance, Men.The Men in Brunswick Square

50 men in tones of blues and browns, slowly walk towards a large chestnut tree. A huge church bell is struck, very slowly the men move, raising their heads and arms like plants searching out the sun, the bell chimes again, and as if the earth is magnetically pulling them they are being drawn down to the ground. The vibrations of the bell hum through the air and ground. There is a reverence, the audience circling the tree are silent and still, we are as if one with the men, all caught between the vibrations of the bell, the silence of the square and the pull of the earth.

Square Dances. Performance, students.The Dance Students in Queen Square

The dancers each carrying a desk bell, stand close to the benches where the audience sit surrounding the small square. Before commencing they quietly ask if there is a person we would like to dedicate the dance to, the name is written on the dancers arm, by the second day their arms are covered in names. They ring the bells and each dances a unique solo moving from ground to air, returning to the ground to ring the bell at the close of the dance. They move towards other benches to dance, again dedicated to another, again making a gift of their dance. The square is full of echoes and memories.

Square Dances. Performance, Women.The Women in Gordon Square

Gordon Square is the biggest square, with the largest group of performers. The women arrive dressed in shades of blue all with hand bells, as they move across the square they stop and listen, their heads on one side or their faces turned to sky. Stamping feet in an unsettled animal way, raising arms, turning, as if movement made by one group is felt through the earth by others across the square, stimulating movement.

Square Dances. Performance, WomenThe Children in Woburn Square

This was the last dance I watched, the children held small hand bells, which they rung as they scampered, they moved faster than the grown ups, it was great to end with such liveliness. As they left the square we could hear them ringing the bells and laughing as went down the street. As I looked around the audience, some having watched all 4 performances some having just chanced across this one, everyone was smiling.

Liberty Festival

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

This Saturday, September 3rd on The Southbank 1.00 – 5.00 see Liberty Festival, London’s annual disability art’s festival. See Deaf Men Dancing with my friend, artist Rachel Gadsden perform ‘Alive’, StopGAP dance company present new work and power wheel chair dance troupe Graeae’s Rhinestone Rollers reinterpret classical dance.

See drawings of StopGAP I made last year at rehearsals, also Deaf Men Dancing perform in Canary Wharf at Greenwich and Docklands Festival and at Greenwich Dance Cabaret at Candoco’s Birthday Party.

Latitude Festival 2011

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Latitude Festival 2011  The National

            The National

Some of my favourite’s at Latitude recorded through my sketch book or camera.

Ed Sheeran  Dionne Bromfield

Ed Sheeran                                                   

Fella Fela

Tom Kitty  Andrew Smith. Moon Dust

Tommi Kitti. A Trip                        Andrew Smith. Moon Dust

Space race letterbox  Space-Race Letterbox  

Anna Calvi Electric Hotel

 Anna Calvi                                        Electric Hotel 


Greenwich & Docklands International Festival

Monday, July 11th, 2011

I was so fortunate that I was given the opportunity to draw during rehearsals for Marc Brew Company‘s Nocturne and Luca Silvestrini‘s Crossroads. I missed the performances along with other Greenwich and Docklands International Festival performances of the first weekend of the festival, having been partying in Suffolk.

However the following weekend there were some real gems performed across the river at Canary Wharf.

Underneath a transparent stage, I sat on a reclining seat and watched Spanish company Producciones Imperdibles perform La Mirada Transparente above me. Interesting drawing at that angle, I focussed on feet, the man opposite focussed on knickers. (True).

La Mirada Transparente

La Mirada Transparente

Deaf Men Dancing in a collaboration with my friend, visual artist Rachel Gadsden together created a spectacular performance and celebration of being alive. The show incorporates sign language, sound and live painting. Also see my drawings of Deaf Men Dancing performing Elvis at Candoco’s Birthday Party.

Deaf Men Dancing. Alive

Deaf Men Dancing with Rachel Gadsden. Alive 

The biggest crowd puller was Waiting Game, presented by Motionhouse Dance Theatre: a couple out for a romantic dinner in Canary Wharf only to be repeatedly scooped up by a JCB digger. A very large man and his very large friend were blocking my view, by the time they’d done as I suggested and sat on the ground (to a cheer from the audience members behind them) I’d lost the desire to draw.

Dancing to Romanian brass band music and the backdrop of our River Thames, Compagnie Pied en Sol performed Pied Filigrane Fanfare in the Canary Wharf uniform of grey buttoned up suits but with the striking addition of red shoes.

Pied en Sol. Filigrane Fanfare

Pied en Sol. Filigrane Fanfare

Compagnie Pied en Sol. Pied Filigrane Fanfare

Still time to catch Deaf Men Dancing and Rachel Gadsden if you live near BristolStockton or in the Lake District.

Rehearsing Crossroads

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Listening to Luca Silvestrini  Listening to Luca Silvestrini

crossroads 12 Crossroads 14c

Waves were created by passing cases and dancers overhead

crossroads 16

Children and adults practicing together  

Crossroads 2

Rehearsing on site at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Crossroads 3 Crossroads 20

The musicians, led by Andy Pink created evocative music

Crossroads final  The end  

Marc Brew Company. Nocturne

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Choreographer Marc Brew invited me to draw the rehearsals forNocturne, a poetic and emotionally charged quartet staged around two mobile beds. Below are some of the many sketches I made, I am looking forward to using them as inspiration for etchings.

 Nocturne 2 Nocturne 3Nocturne 6

Nocturne 7 Nocturne rehearsal

Nocturne will be performed outdoors at The Greenwich and Docklands International Festival on Saturday 25th June at 2.45pm & 7.55pm and on Sunday 26th June 2.40pm (BSL) & 6.10pm in Monument Gardens, Old Royal Naval College.

Happy Christmas

Friday, December 24th, 2010


First Snow 2010. etching

and best wishes for 2011

from Sally

Charles Linehan Company at Greenwich Dance

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

One of the final companies to perform in this years Dance Umbrella programme was the Charles Linehan Company at Greenwich Dance, with Inventions for Radio 1964 and The Clearing. The Borough Hall is the same setting that inspired choreographer, Rosemary Lee to make the fabulous Common Dance in 2009 Dance Umbrella.

The soundtrack for Inventions for Radio 1964 is made up of voices recounting their often unnerving dreams of water and drowning “I began to feel very frightened” or finding a dead body in the mud “down and down and down so deep”. The lighting rig is low and tilted so it’s not much higher than the dancers heads reinforcing the feeling of being trapped with no escape, they move in small pools of light.

Charles Linehan Inventions for Radio 1964

The second dance, The Clearing is accompanied by live music. Movement is fluid and intense, danced by two men and two women. The dance is charged with emotion conjuring up the ecstasy and agony of human interaction, relationships forming, pain and confusion of separation and finding new paths to follow.

Linehan 3 Charles Linehan 11

Linehan 5 Linehan 8

The Clearing 

The lighting has been carefully considered and plays an integral role in both works. In The Clearing the lighting rig is raised high, the space opens and the viewer becomes aware of the architecture of this beautiful art deco room. The huge high windows are lit from the outside gradually pouring light into the room, as lights flood the space you become aware of the intricate pattern of the floor boards.

Charles Linehan 8 Linehan 10

The evening felt intimate, strong and highly charged.


Candoco, Dance Umbrella Debut, Renditions

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

A triple bill of new works by Candoco Dance Company opened last night for two nights at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London. Renditions consists of The Hangman by Sarah Michelson, In Translation by Emanuel Gat and Imperfect Storm by Wendy Houston. I was invited by Co-Artistic Directors Pedro Machado and Stine Nilsen to the dress rehearsal to draw The Hangman.candoco Bettina

Betinna Carpi and Chris Owen

Annie HanauerAnnie Hanauer

Bettina and Chris 4 Bettina and Chris 5

Betinna Carpi and Chris Owen

Dancers, Darren AndersonElinor Baker and Dan Shaw are also in The Hangman. See my blog of September 5th to see Candoco in the Liberty Festival. Welly O’Brian and Kate Marsh of Candoco will be performing with Laban students in the installation Floor of The Forest in the QEH foyer on October 15th, 16th and 17th to coincide with Trisha Brown Dance Company’s Repertory Evening. My drawings will be posted for that event.

To see further work inspired by Candoco see painting and sculpture on my website, from past rehearsals I have drawn at.