Russell Maliphant Company. The Rodin Project

I’m with the Russell Maliphant Company, drawing during rehearsals for The Rodin Project at his studio in north London. When I was last here there were 4 dancers, now all 6 are here (see November 14th).

Standing together, eyes closed, breathing deeply in yogic unison, I am aware of the energy gathering, the dancers softly move to the floor in high arched bridges that seem impossible.

Russell Maliphant Company. The Rodin Project  The pace is quickening and their muscular bodies begin to fly through the air as if they have internal springs that are suddenly and without warning uncoiling at tremendous speed.

The Rodin Project. copyright Sally McKay

The Rodin Project. copyright Sally McKay The Rodin Project. copyright Sally McKayResting dancer.copyright Sally McKay  For the next 2 days I draw movement inspired by breakdance, contemporary dance and popping, and it is just stunning. These are a few of my drawings.

Russell Maliphant Company. The Rodin Project

Wonderful to be drawing the Russell Maliphant Company again. I am loving seeing sculpture that has inspired me over the years come to life in the body of dancer, Dickson. To have the opportunity to capture the choreographed movement in my drawings which in turn will form the resource for my painting, etching and who knows? possibly sculpture too.

Russell Maliphant Company perform The Rodin Project at Sadler’s Wells 5th February as part of British Dance Edition London 2012, and return to Sadler’s Wells with The Rodin Project in October.

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