Morgan Szymanski Portrait

A few months ago classical guitarist Morgan Szymanski asked me to make a painting in response to his music, he told me the art work would be projected behind him as he played as part of  The Sketches of Mexico  Project. I agreed only after going to a concert and hearing the music, it was very atmospheric, very beautiful, surely, I thought, I can do something.

A CD of him playing arrived in the post but when I listened to it I knew that I couldn’t work in this way. I work with live performance, I need to feel the energy of the performer and performance. So I joined Morgan in his sitting room and drew him for 3 hours while he practiced. I also turned up at a performance with a small sketch book and secretly drew while he played. (see December 3rd

Using these drawings I felt able to paint. This is the result.

Morgan Szymanski

Mexican Classical Guitarist Morgan Szymanski

To read Morgan and I in conversation about The Sketches of Mexico Project scroll down to December 5th

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