Russell Maliphant Company perform AfterLight

Last week I was at Sadler’s Wells to watch and draw AfterLight, choreographed by Russell Maliphant. My 14 year old son and I saw an exert of this dance, AfterLight Part 1, (the first section of AfterLight) in the theatre at Laban in December 2010, (see December 7th). At the end of the dance I asked Jerome what he thought

“It’s amazing he spins like the floor was turning him but it’s all coming from his body. He’s dressed as a teenager, he’s wearing clothes I wear, a red hoody and a beanie, you could imagine that his skate-board is just out of view. When he starts to spin – it’s the way I feel, I find it hard being still but I have to be still in school, but in my head – my imagination, I’m constantly moving. This is how it feels when you’re a teenager. The ground is full of shadows, they look like leaves so maybe he’s meant to be outside in the park or maybe that’s what he’s imagining – where he’d like to be… skating, constantly in motion.”

AfterlLight 1

Amazing Daniel Proietto 

AfterLight 2

Daniel Proietto joined by Olga Cobos and Silvina Cortes

AfterLight 3b AfterLight 4b

AfterLight 6 Drawings of AfterLight from my sketchbook, which I hope to use as research for painting.

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