Drawings of Formed View

August 20 2013

On Friday evening I was privileged to be part of dance artist Christopher Matthews multi-media performance installation, Formed View, at the Arbeit Gallery in Hackney Wick. Formed View was part of Hackney WickED Festival. While dancer Lyle Wheeler created dynamic flowing improvisation and James Haswell-D’Arcy gave him spoken feed back and direction, I made drawings of Lyle as he moved and of James as he responded to Lyle. The dance performance along with the verbal, written and drawn response was streamed live on the Hackney Live website as well as to an audience within the gallery, who watched via the TVs.

A few of the many sketches made during the evening:

Formed View 1
Formed View 3
Formed view 5
Formed view 7

Formed View g

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