Drawing Formed View at Arbeit Gallery

August 15th 2013

Tomorrow evening I will be drawing at Arbeit Gallery, Hackney. I am part of dance artist Christopher Matthews multi-media performance installation Formed View. Formed View investigates politics of perception of the moving figure through improvisation. I will draw dancers Lyle Weaver and James Haswell D’Arcy while they dance. With us also responding to the improvised movement will be writers Alexandrina Hemsley, Jamila Johnson-Small and Charlotte Ashwell of BELLYFLOP Magazine. Our responses of words and mark making will be filmed and fed to television screens to spectators within the gallery who will be in a different space.

Christopher asks “What is the role of the dancer as he/she is being watched?”, “What is the role that the physical appearance of the dancer plays in the situation?”, “What role does the mode of presentation play in the perception of the moving figure?”, “How does improvisation affect or not the relation between the performer and the spectator?”

Formed View will be streamed live on the Hackney Live website. To be part of the streamed event follow on Twitter -@hackneylive and like Hackney Live on Facebook -fb/hackneylive. The drawings will be posted on this blog over the weekend.

Formed View is part of Hackney WickED Festival

Friday 6-9pm.  August 16th 2013

Arbeit Gallery, Unit 4, White Post Lane, Queens Yard, Hackney Wick, London E9 5EN

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