Collective Movement at The Southbank Centre

Friday May 4th

Four emerging dance artists and a video artist, took part in a sharing of their work in progress at the Southbank Centre last Friday evening to an invited audience. Together they form The Collective Movement, the Southbank Centre’s resident emerging dance artists in their Spring Residency. Following the performance there was a discussion and reflection concerning the work, all comments were wholly positive.

Southbank, Collective Movement Else Tunemyr and Hrafnildur Benedikstdottir danced, turned, rolled, spun, naked in water which they had spat, dribbled and poured over the studio floor. Reminiscent of french artist Yves Klein’s Anthropometry performance art paintings in 1960, when Klein dragged naked women covered in blue paint across canvas using the female models as human brushes. Friday’s performance was directed and performed by women so had none of the uncomfortable undertones of dominant male directing the woman as “living brushes”. Nathalia Mello joined the action via skype.

Southbank, Collective Movement

Irene Cena held still positions juxtaposed with flowing transitions as she propelled herself along a wall

Southbank, Collective Movement

Dancer Irina Baldini interacted with the image of her walking projected on the wall, filmed by video artist Giorgia Sciannameo 

Irina modeled for me last year when I was commissioned to make figurative wire sculpture for an office waiting area.

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