Without Warning at The Old Vic Tunnels

1st February

Without Warning is a work bringing together light, sound and movement, it is based upon responses of choreographer Lizzie Kew Ross to Brian Keenan‘s autobiographical book An Evil Cradling, about his 4 years in captivity as a hostage in Beirut in the late 1980’s. Performed by four dancers and four musicians in the wonderfully atmospheric Old Vic Tunnels under Waterloo Station.

without warning  A cellist and double bassist play haunting chords. A promenade performance, the audience walk through the tunnels following the movement of the dancers. The rumble of the trains above adds to the uneasy atmosphere.

without warning 5b

A shadowy person runs through the spectators’ group, very fast. Two figures cling to each other, then as if claw at each other in the dim light.

without warning

without warning  The power of the human touch: tender and harsh, fragile and strong, agonising and healing.

without warning

Against all the odds the human spirit is shown to somehow survive, but it is clear that not all will come through.

without warning

I drew at the dress rehearsal, I thought it was so good I took my 3 kids a couple of nights later and drew again.

Performers: David Leahy, Natasha Lohan, Laura Moody, Sonia Rafferty, Megan Saunders, Lauren Potter, Simon Wehrli and Dario Dugandzic. Lighting Design: Faye Patterson. Dramaturg: Mary Ann Hushlak

Also see Darkroom, portrait photographer Peter Anderson‘s exploration of containment and confinement with his silver gelatin, hand printed photographs of the rehearsals inside a replica of his darkroom.

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