La La La Human Steps. New Work

La La La Human Steps are a Montreal based contemporary dance company founded in 1980 by Edourd LockNew Work performed at Sadler’s Wells 28/9 – 1/11 brings together 2 tragic love affairs from operas: Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas and Gluck’s Orpheus and Euridice, but the score is changed dramatically by composer Gavin Bryars for piano, viola, cello and saxophone it is played live on stage adding to the passion and energy in the intense choreography.

 La La La Human Steps. New Work. Sally McKay

La La La Human Steps. New Work

My drawings of La La La Human Steps performing “New Work” at Sadler’s Wells

The classically trained dancers move en pointe with incredible, take-your-breath-away speed and precision. The choreography catapults through anger, frustration, tenderness and passion. Two pools of bright light on the floor create restricted space to move in and sharpen the angular body frames of the female dancers dressed in black leotards and footless tights, throwing dramatic shadows of the male dancers in suits and heightening the atmosphere, contributing to the black and white filmic quality.

Above: Two of pages from my sketch book of drawings of La La La Human Steps, drawn during the performance. Print Studio at Second Floor Studios, Woolwich, London SE18 5NR, opens in November. Expect to see La La La Human Steps etchings soon after.

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