Square Dances. Rosemary Lee

I am at The Place, drawing choreographer Rosemary Lee and The Place students devising and rehearsing solos for Square Dances.Rosemary Lee. rehearsal. Square Dances

Rosemary Lee: “…make a gift of your dancing; a small but rich and delicate gift”

Square dance 5square dance 6

Square Dances Rosemary Lee  Rosemary Lee is rehearsing 4 groups of professional and non-professional dancers for her new large scale site specific community dance: The Place dance students, 50 men, 100 women and also children, each group will dance in central London squares: Gordon, Woburn, Queen and Brunswick Squares,  repeating the dance 12 times over the weekend. Part of Dance Umbrella, the performance will take place 8 and 9 October.

Two years ago I drew during the rehearsals of Rosemary Lee’s Common Dance, the captivating community dance for over 50 dancers of all ages performed at Greenwich Dance. I feel so fortunate to be invited by Rosemary and welcomed by the dancers to draw the rehearsal process of Square Dances.

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