Charles Linehan Company at Laban

On Wednesday Charles Linehan Company performed at LabanThe Fault Index is a series of connected and unconnected events, in a different order at each performance. The music is lyrical, one beautiful episode danced by Greig Cooke and Theo Clinkard to a soundtrack with bird song transports me to fields in sunlight, I think of DH Lawrence, The Rainbow,  “Their life and interrelations were such; feeling the pulse and body of the soil… the young corn waved and was silken, and the lustre slid along the limbs of the men who saw it.”

Charles Linehan Company The Fault Index

The Fault Index 

Connections are made between the dancers throughout the episodes, through eye contact and gesture but no physical contact, when finally two dancers briefly hold each other their touch has so much power, sparks almost fly.

The Clearing was originally conceived as part of Dance Umbrella 2010 as an installation in The Borough Hall in Greenwich. See the drawings on my blog, October 2010.  These sketches made 6 months later in another venue with alternative, atmospheric lighting hold a different quality; certainly it was dark and I had no idea what I was drawing. I’m not sure which is truer to the choreography but they are both true to what I felt as I drew.

Charles Linehan Company The Clearing

Charles Linehan Company The Clearing

The Clearing 

The choreography of Charles Linehan is a kinesthetic experience of great power which will touch you for days after.

Charles Linehan Company will perform this program at The Place on 19 May, post-show Q&A with Siobhan Davies and at Northern School of Contemporary Dance 14 May.

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