LOL (Lots of Love). Protein Dance Company

LOL (Lots of Love)Protein‘s fabulous new work was at The Place last week. As the title suggests the dance is concerned with how the internet and social networking is transforming relationships, replacing human contact with a series of letters, dots and dashes. The changes in the way we connect, find love and develop relationships.

As well as dancing the performers speak text in rapid, anxious one liners. The dance is fast and funny, but as it progresses the confusion of the online language combined with unrequited human longing results in melancholic solitude.

Andy Pink has created a fascinating soundscore with video animation by Rachel Davies

Protein. LOL Lots of Love. 1


LOL Protein 3

 Protein. LOL Lots of Love. 4  LOL (Lots of Love)

Chris Thompson, Director of Learning & Access at The Place described LOL (Lots of Love) as “A brilliant show, so many layers and textures and knotted wires”. During the devising of the dance the cast visited community groups around the country to speak with ‘real people’, the material they drew upon was verbal, interviews and online.

Artistic Director, Luca Silvestrini says “it’s not about technology it’s about relationships within the technology; about humanity, a celebration of flesh and blood through live performance”.

Protein are Company in Residence at Greenwich Dance. Last year during the devising of LOL they performed an extract of LOL at the Greenwich Dance Cabaret. I drew the duet, To The Bone danced by Protein dancers recently at The Wapping Project. see:

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