Greenwich Dance. Spring Cabaret

The Spring Cabaret at Greenwich Dance last Friday was the chosen venue for Lisa Stubbs to celebrate her birthday. Her friends filled three tables to watch an evening of innovative dance and later surprisingly to participate in. As always I drew a few sketches of the dances as they unfolded before me.

Greenwich DAnce 1

Tamzen Moulding                           Matthew Hawkins 

The first dance of the evening, Tamzen Moulding‘s It Started at The End combined dance and acrobatics. Matthew Hawkins followed with a solo inspired by spending time in a sculptor’s studio in China to an interesting trak sound track of the voices and activity in the studio.

Avant Garde

Avant Garde                                         Barn Dance

Avant Garde danced a preview of their multimedia production, Illegal Dance. During the interval Rosie Davis led some of the audience in a barn dance.

Wendy HoustounWendy Houstoun 

Wendy Houston performed ‘a short monologue for a tongue tied citizen’. I have drawn Wendy’s work before, she choreographed a dance for the Yorke Dance Project called Home on the Range, which I drew last October, see

Accompanied by the fabulous Squirrel Hunters: Steve Blake, Freddie Gottlieb and Peter Gibson. Dance Caller Rosie Davis encouraged the Cabaret audience to grab a partner and take part in a barn dance!

Sketch book abandoned, as friend Gill and I danced the night away. Another very successful and enjoyable Cabaret at Greenwich Dance.

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