More drawing in Rosemary Butcher’s class

Thursday morning with Rosemary Butcher and the dancers at Independent DanceSiobhan Davies Studios. First hour: pencil and sketch book.

Rosemary Butcher, Independent Dance, Thurs 1

‘Peel the body from the floor revealing new space’

Thursday, Rosemary Butcher at Independent Dance

‘Reaching the edges of the territory …  fragile territory’ 

Rosemary Butcher, Independent Dance, Thurs 2

‘Space you know …  space you don’t know’ 

In the second hour, I again drew on larger sheets using charcoal. My hand moving fast, I empathized and connected with the sensations the participants felt as they continued on each individual journey. Each drawing is of only one figure following their transitions of movement.

Thursday, Rosemary Butcher, charcoal 1

Thursday, Rosemary Butcher, charcoal 3

hursday, Rosemary Butcher, charcoal 4

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