Rosemary Butcher teaches at Independent Dance

Monday. This week I have been invited by Rosemary Butcher to draw her inspirational dance classes at Independent DanceSiobhan Davies Studios. A two hour master class for professional dancers. I have admired Rosemary’s work for many years, see (October 7th 2010) for my drawings of her beautiful, moving work Lapped Translated Lines.

The movement was based on improvisational processes, the dancing was strong and intense. Although the dancers didn’t necessarily know each other and hadn’t worked together as a group before there were connections and dialogue made through each individuals rhythmic movement and patterns of movement.

During the first hour I drew in pencil in my small concertina sketch book, my drawings were influenced by the words spoken by Rosemary as the dancers moved.

 Rosemary Butcher class Monday 1

‘Sense of exchange’

Rosemary Butcher class.mon 2.jpg


Rosemary Butcher class.mon 3.jpg‘What have you lost?’ 

During the second hour the movement expanded, the connections and sense of exchange between the dancers became more pronounced, the drawings also increased in size.

Rosemary Butcher.mon 1.jpg


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