Move: Choreographing You

The dialogue between visual art and dance is of primary concern in my practice as an artist, so the new exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, exploring the interaction between art and dance from the 1950’s to the present is of particular interest. Spectators are encouraged to interact with the exhibits, many of which have been created specifically to be used in dance performances, affecting the movement and outcome of the dance.

Every day dancers (alumni of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance) are in the gallery performing and discussing work. They are very knowledgeable about the dances and will readily talk to you, by interacting with them you will be part of a Performance Event, Production created by Xavier Le Roy and Marten Spangberg.

American, Mike Kelly, has created a theatrical space, laying out objects for the public to interact with in Adaption: Test Room Containing Multiple Stimuli Known to Elicit Curiosity and Manipulatory Responses the dancers perform with the props in this space.

move 13

move 4

On Saturdays between 12 and 4 the Yvonne Rainer dance, Trio A is performed in the gallery. The complex pedestrian movements are danced in a fluid continuous stream, no music. If you read my blog on 21st October you may remember I drew two of the dancers performing Trio A on the pavement outside Cafe Luc as part of the Secret Frieze After Party. Impromptu performances of Huddle, choreographed by Simone Forti based on improvisation and chance takes place throughout the gallery. 

trio A huddle

Trio A                                             Huddle

rings hoops ropes

The Fact of Matter is choreographed by William Forsythe

consisting of gymnastic

rings hanging from the ceiling for visitors to swing and step through exploring the limits and weight of the body, a test of physical and mental agility.

Hula-Hoops are laid out for everyone to use in Rooftop Routine. Ropes hang from the ceiling to sit or stand in.There are also screens with archived material to watch, and many more displays to interact with than I have mentioned.


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