Michael Clark Company at Tate Modern

This week Michael Clark Company have been rehearsing for a new dance in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, responding to the huge space. On Tuesday I drew during the rehearsal.

Michael Clark

Michael Clark

A totally different experience from drawing the Featherstonehaughs. Rather than sit a few feet away from the dancers, I sat way up looking down on them from the first floor, although I longed to get in close I enjoyed the spacing created by the dancers and the sense of perspective below me.

Michael Clark

During the lunch break the dances evaporated but Michael Clark remained and walked through what was to be rehearsed during the afternoon. (see above). I love watching dancers do this, the intense concentration, the body in total contact with the brain, thinking with and through the body. I was sure if someone spoke to him he wouldn’t hear, so intense were his thoughts/movements. 

Michael Clark 6

Afternoon rehearsal

I also drew this company performing come, been and gone at the Barbican in June.

come been and gone

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