The Rodin Project paintings and drawings

20th October 2012

Paintings and drawings made during and after spending 4 weeks drawing during rehearsals of choreographer Russell Maliphant‘s stunning dance The Rodin Project, to be performed at Sadlers Wells 29th – 31st October.

Dynamic SublimeHip Hop rehearsal. The Rodin Project. 2012. Oil and acrylic on canvas

The Rodin Project rehearsal. Carys Staton Darkness Visible. The Rodin Project rehearsal. Carys Staton. 2012. Oil and ink on fabriano paper

The Rodin Project rehearsal.Dickson Mbi Darkness Visible. The Rodin Project rehearsal. Dickson Mbi. 2012. Oil and ink on fabriano paper

The Rodin Project rehearsal. Jenny White Darkness Visible. The Rodin Project rehearsal. Jenny White2012. Oil and ink on fabriano paper

Force Fields.2 Force Fields 2. 2012. Oil and acrylic on fabriano paper

This work was exhibited during September at no format gallery as part of my recent large solo exhibition. Some of the work will be on show in my studio in November when I will be part of SFSA Open Studio weekend.

17th and 18th November, 11.00 – 6.00pm

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