Diving World Cup

Tuesday 21st February

I was deeply disappointed not to get tickets for any of the Olympic events. I told my 3 (teenage) kids they could each chose 1 sport to apply for tickets to, my theory was out 4 events we should manage to get tickets to one race, but no, not a thing. We live in Greenwich on the doorstep to the events, but unable to participate as audience. However, all was not lost, I managed to get tickets for us to see the Fina Visa Diving World Cup. Fabulous… in the new Olympic Aquatics Centre in Stratford we were able to watch the Women’s 10m Platform Diving and I took my sketch book.

Dive 1. London Prepares  Dive 2. London Prepares

Warm up off the spring boards 

Olympic Pool  Dive 3. London Prepares

10m diving platform                          GB Monique Gladding diving

All the diving was amazing. Chen Ruolin of China won with 405.25.

Swimming is important in my family, both as a sport and the activity that melds us together when everything feels muddled and wrong. When the kids return from being away, I know that one of them will say ‘lets go swimming’ and as we swim the world starts to feel right again, for all of us. They are much faster than me, the younger 2 swim competitively in our local swimming club, my 15 year old is so fast, sometimes people stop swimming and stare, swimming well and swimming fast is very beautiful.

These are just a few of the small sketches of the diving that evening, I will use them to inform a painting to be shown in my forthcoming exhibitions.

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