Ballet Black

Ballet Black is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, they opened at The Linbury Studio Theatre at The Royal Opera House on 9th February performing for 4 nights. Ballet Black is a ballet company for international dancers of black and asian descent, their aim is “to see a fundamental change in the number of black and Asian dancers in mainstream ballet companies”. Founded by Cassa Pancho the company performs a beautiful fusion of classical ballet, jazz and modern dance.


Pendulum. Choreographer: Martin Lawrence

My personal favourite was Pendulum, a fabulous strong duet performed to Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music. The relationship swings between tender, intimate, gentle affection and wild, passionate combat, extraordinary angular shapes are created.

Da Gamba  Shift

Da Gamba. Choreographer: Henri Oguike. Shift. Choreographer: Antonia Franceschi.  

DaGamba and Shift were both accompanied on stage by cellist Zoe Martlew. Shift was performed to Martlew’s own score of gorgeous, fast sassy jazz.


Orpheus. Choreographer: Will Tuckett



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