The Wapping Project, Luca Silvestrini

The end of a month of fabulous inspirational dance to celebrate The Wapping Project’s 10 year anniversary, curated and directed by Dr. Jules Wright. Saturday evening began with Rock ‘n Roll taught to a large enthusiastic class by the charismatic dancer/dance teacher, David Outevski.

Rock ‘N Roll, Wapping Project

Rock ‘n Roll in the Boiler House of The Wapping Project

At 9.00 the lights went down and the music cut out, the dance class looked confused as a man and woman in their underwear stroll into the middle of the dance floor. A soundtrack begins of an agitated woman’s voice projecting the thought’s of the characters. The dancers continually break away from each other and return in a rush of angry or heated passion, quirky teasing or a slow sultry embrace. The dance is quirky, funny and fast, with a dangerous edge.

To The Bone

To The Bone 2

To The Bone

To The Bone. Protein Dance 

The fragment is from Protein Dance: “To The Bone“, choreographed by Artistic Director Luca Silvestrini and danced by Thomas Goodwin and Vicki Manderson. To see details of the current tour see Protein Dance web site.

The Wapping Hydraulic Power Station housing The Wapping Project is a fantastic venue, Dancing the Decade has now ended but there is a restaurant, a bookshop and a sycamore tree with an exhibition in it’s branches if you need an excuse to visit.

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