Frontiers and Fragments: Dancing the Decade

Friday evening at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station; the first evening of a new season of dance, Frontiers and Fragments: Dancing the Decade to celebrate 10 years of The Wapping Project. The evening began downstairs in the Boiler House sitting on big cushions and deck chairs on two opposite sides of this fabulous atmospheric room. Trinity Laban alumni: Alice Tatge, Rosalie Wahlfrid and Irina Baldini performed their own strong dances and Andrew Graham and Alessandra Ruggeri performed a beautiful fast duet choreographed by Andrew.

Irina Tatge  Happened. Irina Baldini

Andrew Graham, Alessandra Ruggeri  Andrew Graham, Alessandra Ruggeri

Andrew Graham, Alessandra Ruggeri  Andrew Graham, Alessandra RuggeriIn One Breath… Andrew Graham and Alessandra Ruggeri

Next, upstairs to the Engine House to watch and participate in Performing Book choreographed by Janine Harrington, danced by Laban alumni, a trans-active performance structure. The dancers interact with audience members who move near to them, the movement of the audience affected the dancers’ movement in a real time processing challenge.

Back to the Boiler House to watch the 15 Happenings in 3 parts, a reinvention of artist Allan Kaprow’s 18 Happenings in 6 parts first performed in New York in 1959. Kaprow is regarded as responsible for coining the much used term ‘happenings’ with this seminal work and was a key figure in instigating the visual arts’ movement towards performance and environmental events. Rosemary ButcherLauren Potter and Henrietta Hale re-invented the work performed by Laban’s BA3’s.

15 happenings in 3 parts  15 happenings in 3 parts (2)15 Happenings in 3 Parts

Susan Sentler curated the evening. Dr. Jules Wright is the creator and Director of The Wapping Project.

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