Youtube Chasing Shadows

In May 2009 I had a 6 week solo exhibition, “Chasing Shadows” in the West End gallery GV Art. The gallery commissioned Martin Smith and Alex May of Quadratura to work with me and a dancer to make an audio/visual composition responding to my work. The dancer is Laban 3rd year student Alessandra Ruggeri. .

Quadratura had an event at GV Art on March 1st 2010 celebrating the 50th anniversary of Yves Klein’s Monotone Symphony and his Anthropometries, calling it Monotone Symphony 2010. Using technology, a soundscape composed for the event and live dance from three dancers, Quadratura created a mesmerising show of blue shadows and silhouettes, as the dancers moved the shadows remained, faded and built again where the dancers appeared next.

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